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< Osaka University 동계 전공연수 프로그램 >▶  Program Name : OSIPP Special Winter Programon▶  Program Title : Society and International Relations of Contemporary Japan▶  Program Period : January 23 ~ 27, 2017▶  Location : Osaka School of International Public Policy, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan

< Fudan University 동계 전공연수 프로그램 >▶  Program Name : 2017 KIC--IIS Workshop▶  Program Period : 08 January - 14 January, 2017▶  Location : Institute of International Studies, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

Faculty Publications

「Capital and Credit Market Integration and Real Economic Contagion during the Global Financial Crisis」Ju Hyun Pyun(Korea University Business Schoo) & Jiyoun An(Kyung Hee University) (2016), Capital and credit market integration and real economic contagion during the global financial crisis (with Ju Hun Pyun), 2016, Journal of International Money and Finance, Vol. 67: 172-193.* AbstractThis study investigates the role of financial integration in the spread of the global financial crisis. In particular, this study shows how the effect of the crisis on real business cycle co-movement varied for capital and credit market integration, using a sample of 58 countries in 2001–2013. During the global financial crisis, the United States—the epicenter of the crisis—experienced a severe downturn in the real economy, and other countries followed suit. We find that during the global financial crisis, the business cycle co-movements between the United States and the rest of the world were stronger when the level of capital market integration between them was higher. However, the co-movements were weaker when the level of credit market integration was higher. These findings are robust even when including investment channels, local fundamental factors, endogenous policy responses across countries, and alternative measures for financial integration and business cycle co-movements

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[아주경제] 이만열(Emanuel Pastreich) 교수, '제10회 아시아·태평양 금융포럼(APFF)' 개최2017/03/22 이만열 교수 관련 아주경제 기사입니다. 아주경제 기사

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