“With our comprehensive inter-disciplinary curriculum and wide range of extra-curricular opportunities for students to gain experience on the global stage, we seek to nurture the global leaders of the 21st century. The College of International Studies at Kyung Hee University serves as a bridge between what you are and what you will become.”

Moon Don
Dean of the College of International Studies
Kyung Hee University

College of International Studies

The objective of the College of International Studies, often called Kyung Hee International College (KIC), is to educate and train future international specialists who will play a leading role in this era of globalization. To this end, KIC provides students with the necessary skills and perspectives required to prepare them for principal positions in international organizations, global corporations, the media, NGOs and public sector agencies.

KIC is very proud of its diverse programs for students, which include scholarships for study abroad, internships, opportunities for career development and volunteer activities.

Students at KIC also have access to an increasingly larger variety of academic and non-academic extra-curricular activities.


Both the College of International Studies and Graduate School of Pan-Pacific International Studies are home to a large number of passionate professors with various backgrounds in international studies.


Full Time Faculty

An, Jiyoun (안지연)Associate ProfessorEconomics
Baek, Buhm-Suk (백범석)Assistant ProfessorInternational Law
Chu, Hyo-Youn (주효연)Assistant ProfessorEconomics
Chung, Jin-Young (정진영)ProfessorPolitical Science
Hong, Won-Tak (홍원택)Assistant ProfessorApplied Mathematics
Hyun, Hea- Jung (현혜정)Associate ProfessorEconomics
Jeon, Jong Kyou (전종규)ProfessorEconomics
Jeong, Jaeseok (정재석)ProfessorAdvertising
Jung, Ha Lyong (정하영)ProfessorPolitical Science
Kim, Jun Yeup (김준엽)ProfessorPlanning Studies
Kim, Keun Soo (김근수)ProfessorFinance
Kim, Soyean (김소연)Assistant ProfessorMarketing
Kim, Sunil (김선일)Assistant ProfessorPolitical Science
Kwak, Jae Sung (곽재성)ProfessorInternational Politics
Lee, Chang Soo (이창수)ProfessorEconomics
Lee, Gemma (이젬마)Associate ProfessorFinance
Lee, Young Jo (이영조)ProfessorPolitical Science
Moon, Don (문 돈)ProfessorPolitical Science
Morrison, Sharon LAssistant ProfessorDivinity
Oh, Hyungna (오형나)ProfessorEconomics
Park, Bokyeong (박복영)ProfessorEconomics
Park, Hahnkyu (박한규)ProfessorPolitical Science
Park, Soo Heon (박수헌)ProfessorPolitical Science
Shin, Sang Hyup (신상협)ProfessorEconomics
Tellidis, IoannisAssociate ProfessorInternational Relations
Woo, Seongji (우승지)ProfessorPolitical Science
Yang, Chun Hee (양준희)ProfessorInternational Relation
Yang, Doo Yong (양두용)ProfessorEconomics
Yeo, Yu Kyung (여유경)Associate ProfessorPolitical Science
Yoo, Tae Hwan (유태환)ProfessorEconomics
Hwang, YujongProfessorBusiness
Richmond, OliverProfessorInternational Relations

Visiting Professors

Kim, Kiho (김기호)Visiting Professor (객원교수)Anthropology
Kwon, Manhak (권만학)Honorary professor (명예 교수)Political Science
MAYAMA, AkiraAdjunct Professor (겸임교수)Law
NAKAUCHI, MasatakaAdjunct Professor (겸임교수)Public Policy
Rajkovic, Nikolas MilanAdjunct Professor (겸임교수)Political Science
Shcherbakov, DenisAdjunct Professor (겸임교수)International Economics
Micael Grubb Kyung Hee Eminent Scholar (경희 ES)Energy engineering
Hiroshi TodorakiAdjunct Professor (겸임교수)Geography

Contact Us

82-31-201-2301, 2302, 2303, 2304



Mail Address
Room 302, International Studies Building, College of International Studies Kyung Hee University
1732 Deogyoung-daero, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, 17104, Republic of Korea

Dean, Vice Dean, Department Chair

Moon, Don (문돈)Dean (학장)
Hyun, HeaJung (현혜정)Vice Dean (부학장)
Baek, BuhmSuk (백범석) Department Chair (학과장)

Professors in Major Track Courses

Kim, Sunil (김선일)Head of International Development Cooperation Track (국제개발협력 트랙 주임교수)
Kim, Sunil (김선일) Head of East Asian Studies Track (동아시아 지역학 트랙 주임교수)
Baek, Buhm-Suk (백범석)Head of International Relations Track (국제관계 트랙 주임교수)
Jeon, Jong Kyou (전종규) Head of International Economics Track (국제경제 트랙 주임교수)
Kim, Soyean (김소연) Head of Global Business Track (글로벌비지니스 트랙 주임교수)

Staff Member

Choi, MoonSun (최문선)
Head of Administration Office (실장/ 총괄)
Choi, Won-Ju (최원주)
Human Resource Affairs, Financial Affairs (계장/ 인사, 장학, 재무)
Kim, Ji-Hwan (김지환)Academic Affairs (학사)
Kim, SooKyung (김수경)Academic Affairs (학사)
Jeon, You Nny (전유니)The University for Creative Korea-II (CK-II) (수도권 특성화)
Jang, Sung Won (장성원)Scholarship, Student Loan, Facility Maintenance (장학, 시설관리)
Seo, Hyun Ah (서현아)International exchange, support for foreign teachers and students (국제교류)