“With our comprehensive inter-disciplinary curriculum and wide range of extra-curricular opportunities for students to gain experience on the global stage, we seek to nurture the global leaders of the 21st century. The College of International Studies at Kyung Hee University serves as a bridge between what you are and what you will become.”

Moon Don
Dean of the College of International Studies
Kyung Hee University

College of International Studies

The objective of the College of International Studies, often called Kyung Hee International College (KIC), is to educate and train future international specialists who will play a leading role in this era of globalization. To this end, KIC provides students with the necessary skills and perspectives required to prepare them for principal positions in international organizations, global corporations, the media, NGOs and public sector agencies.

KIC is very proud of its diverse programs for students, which include scholarships for study abroad, internships, opportunities for career development and volunteer activities.

Students at KIC also have access to an increasingly larger variety of academic and non-academic extra-curricular activities.