Study Abroad

Kyunghee University is a leader among Korean universities in the various measurements of educational internationalization. By taking advantage of more than 380 active cooperation agreements with universities around the world, KHU sends and receives many students every year to and from those sister universities.

In addition to these university-level exchange and study abroad programs in which KIC students actively participate, KIC has a tradition of providing a wide variety of study abroad opportunities exclusively for KIC students. CK-II has further enabled KIC to widen the number of its study abroad programs and provide more financial support for students.

Short Term study Abroad Opportunies

Host UniversityCountryDuration
Stanford UniversityUSASummer, 2 Weeks
University of PennsylvaniaUSAWinter 4 Weeks
Johns Hopkins University
USASummer, 4 Weeks
Osaka UniversityJapanWinter 1 Week
Fudan UniversityChinaWinter 1 Week
WFUNA ATP ProgramSwissSummer or Winter, 1 Week

KIC allows for many prestigious short term study abroad programs in the following educational institutions.

Long Term Exchange Student Programs and Dual Degree Opportunities

KIC’s partnerships with leading educational institutions expand every year. Currently, the following universities are hosting these exchange programs.

Host UniversityCountryDurationWebsite
University of California DavisUSA1 semester (10 weeks)Website
University of California BerkeleyUSA1 yearWebsite
Renmin UniversityChina1 semesterWebsite
Osaka UniversityJapan1 semester or
1 year
Maastricht UniversityNetherlands1 semester or
1 year
Friedrich-Alexander UniversityGermany1 semester or
1 year
Adolfo Ibanez UniversityChile1 semester or
1 year
Tongji UniversityChina1 semester or
1 year
Hochschule Osnabrück University
(Dual Degree)
Germany3 semestersWebsite
Erfurt UniversityGermany1 semester or
1 year

Kyunghee University Exchanage Student Programs

Students also have more study abroad opportunities such as exchange student programs at Kyung Hee University. Please find more information at

Students also have more study abroad opportunities such as exchange student programs at Kyung Hee University. Please find more information at


KIC provides students with an extensive choice of internships, job search programs and student job activities that are backed by the CK-II. The internships at KIC are also supported financially through the CK-II. Internships allow for students to gain work experience at the international level in the United Nations, various international organizations, NGOs and private firms. KIC also provides a few students with the opportunity to participate in the Washington Center Program which allows students to work in various organizations that play central roles.

KIC also hosts frequent job-related seminars by professionals from various sectors, mentorship programs between graduates and current students, and makes manuals available targeted to the job search.

The Washington Center Internship

The Washington Center (TWC) Internship provides the selected students with the chance to work at US governmental organizations, international organizations, or corporations in Washington, DC, USA. These students will take part in the internship, academic courses and leadership forums. KIC provides a significant financial assistance in the form of a scholarship of 7 million Korean won per student to three participants every year. The internship usually runs for about 15 weeks and students receive up to 9 credit units.

International Program Guide
Sample International Internship Placement_SU16
TWC Information Session PPT.pdf
Global Competencies Program.pdf

For more information, please visit:

UN Internship

To nurture global leaders for the 21st century and promote world peace, the Kyung Hee-UN Internship Program allows students to work as interns at United Nations Offices in New York Headquarters (USA), Geneva (Switzerland), Bangkok (Thailand) and others. Internship credits are approved upon review by the academic adviser of the student. Airfare and living expenses are fully covered, usually by the university. KIC students are encouraged to take full advantage of this prestigious internship scholarship.

For more information, please visit

Career Prospects

Graduates of KIC have a wide variety of employment options after completing their university education. Due to our comprehensive, interdisciplinary curriculum conducted 100% in English, students have an advantage in employment regardless of whether one applies to a trading firm or to an international organization. Many also continue their studies by entering law schools or Master’s/Doctorate programs in Korea or abroad.

Our students have been consistently employed across a wide diversity of occupations in sectors including international trade, manufacturing, logistics, financing, accounting and legal affairs. In addition, students are increasingly gaining jobs in government and the public sector more broadly including various research institutes, domestic and foreign private sector firms, fashion and design, advertisement, consulting and services.

Examples include:

Private Sector and ITSamsung Electronics, Samsung Display, LG Electronics, LG Telecom, Oracle USA, BMW, IBM, Toshiba Korea, KT, Asiana Airlines, CJ Logistics
Banking and FinanceJP Morgan, Hana Bank, KB Life Insurance, Woori Investment, Shinhan Bank, Samsung Life Insurance, Daewoo Securities, Dai Shin Securities
Media and PressFox Channel USA, Media Research
ServicesGrand Hyatt Hotel, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Hyundai Department Store, Home Plus
Public Sector, Government, International OrganizationsNational Assembly (ROK), Ministry of Environment, World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA), Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), Kenyan Embassy, Argentina Embassy, Korea Electric Power Company, Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power
Law SchoolsColumbia Law School, Wisconsin Law School, Sungkyungkwan University
Graduate SchoolsSeoul National University, Korea University, Kyung Hee University

The important trend is that the career prospects of KIC students have been expanding every year from private sector employment to encompassing academia and government-related affairs.


“We are proud to offer a large number and wide range of scholarships. In 2014, KIC students on average received 46% of annual tuition, which is one of the highest percentage in Korean universities.”

Dean of the College of International Studies, Kyunghee University

The KIC scholarships can be divided into the following four main types:

Academic Excellence Scholarships

Students who exhibit an exemplary undergraduate record in the previous semester with a GPA ranked in the top 5% of registered students are eligible to receive this scholarship.

Need-Based Financial Aid

Students who require financial aid to continue their university studies may be eligible for financial support depending upon their parents’ financial capability.

Financial Aid for Study Abroad

Students who participate in the various study abroad or exchange programs as well as in KIC-run international workshops or internships, can receive a significant amount of financial aid from the college to alleviate their financial burden.

Support for Student Domestic / International Activities

In order to garner greater student participation in various domestic or international activities such as the national Model United Nations (MUN) Competition, open contests, conferences, public or private sector internships or international volunteer work projects, KIC provides financial support for participants.

In addition to those listed above, students also have several other avenues for financial assistance for their college education.

Kyunghee University provides a variety of very attractive scholarships including the CK-II scholarship for those who have achieved an outstanding score on their entrance examination. In fact, several new KIC students come to the college upon receipt of these scholarships every year. Students can also take advantage of a government-funded financial aid program offered by the Korea Student Aid Foundation. The KHU alumni association along with various other external organizations also provide scholarships for KIC students. For more details, please visit


Korean Students

A highly competitive admission process for Korean students is administered by the Kyunghee University Office of Admission.
For complete information about how to apply, visit

Overseas Korean Students

Students meeting the legal requirements to be classified as an overseas Korean national can apply to KIC through this track.
This application process is also administered by the Kyung Hee Admission Office. For more information on eligibility and how to apply, visit

International Students

An increasing number of international students are admitted to KIC every year. As KIC runs a 100% English-based program, international students have relative ease in adapting themselves to the environment of KIC. International applications are administered by the Kyung Hee University Office of International Affairs. For more information on how to apply, visit