KIC provides students with an extensive choice of internships, job search programs and student job activities that are backed by the CK-II. The internships at KIC are also supported financially through the CK-II. Internships allow for students to gain work experience at the international level in the United Nations, various international organizations, NGOs and private firms. KIC also provides a few students with the opportunity to participate in the Washington Center Program which allows students to work in various organizations that play central roles.

KIC also hosts frequent job-related seminars by professionals from various sectors, mentorship programs between graduates and current students, and makes manuals available targeted to the job search.

The Washington Center Internship

The Washington Center (TWC) Internship provides the selected students with the chance to work at US governmental organizations, international organizations, or corporations in Washington, DC, USA. These students will take part in the internship, academic courses and leadership forums. KIC provides a significant financial assistance in the form of a scholarship of 7 million Korean won per student to three participants every year. The internship usually runs for about 15 weeks and students receive up to 9 credit units.

International Program Guide
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UN Internship

To nurture global leaders for the 21st century and promote world peace, the Kyung Hee-UN Internship Program allows students to work as interns at United Nations Offices in New York Headquarters (USA), Geneva (Switzerland), Bangkok (Thailand) and others. Internship credits are approved upon review by the academic adviser of the student. Airfare and living expenses are fully covered, usually by the university. KIC students are encouraged to take full advantage of this prestigious internship scholarship.

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