Graduates of KIC have a wide variety of employment options after completing their university education. Due to our comprehensive, interdisciplinary curriculum conducted 100% in English, students have an advantage in employment regardless of whether one applies to a trading firm or to an international organization. Many also continue their studies by entering law schools or Master’s/Doctorate programs in Korea or abroad.
Our students have been consistently employed across a wide diversity of occupations in sectors including international trade, manufacturing, logistics, financing, accounting and legal affairs. In addition, students are increasingly gaining jobs in government and the public sector more broadly including various research institutes, domestic and foreign private sector firms, fashion and design, advertisement, consulting and services
Examples include:

Sport ActivitiesDrinkersPlaying Baseball
Higher than Now (HTN)Mountain Climbing
RenaissancePlaying Rugby
Debating ActivitiesGATE (Global Affairs in English)Discussing Global Affairs in English
HyeamPhilosophical Discussions
Knowledge TreeEngaging in Academic Study
Kyung Hee Debate Society (KDS)English Parliamentary Debate
People WorldAcademic Discussions in Korean
Performance ActivitiesROADPerforming Rock Music
YuldumadangPerforming Music with Traditional Korean Instruments
Wild FlowerSinging Songs

 The important trend is that the career prospects of KIC students have been expanding every year from private sector employment to encompassing academia and government-related affairs.

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