The University for Creative Korea-II (CK-II) is a government effort to financially and technically support university education nationwide. University departments from across the country compete to be selected for the CK-II program. The Kyung Hee College of International Studies (KIC) together with the Department of Political Science and International Relations have formed a joint cooperative that was selected for CK-II support under its internationalization category in 2014. As a result, this cooperative has been designated as the recipient of roughly one (1) billion Korean won (roughly one (1) million US dollars) from the Ministry of Education, annually. This CK-II support allows KIC to provide a large number of students with a wide array of quality educational benefits.

With the CK-II support, KIC, with the Department of Political Science and International Relations, is developing and enacting various programs that contribute to human society through the training of comprehensive, talented individuals engaged in academics and action.

These programs include the Four-by-Four Certificate Program, various overseas education opportunities, exchange student/dual bachelor’s degree programs, domestic and international internships, social service programs, student activities and many more. Of these programs, the Four-by-Four Certificate Program allows for the combined presentation of all related programs.

Educational Vision

Education centered upon peace and mutual prosperity through ACADEMICS and ACTION.

The Ideal Individual

A comprehensive, talented individual engaged in academics and action.

The Goal of Education

Fostering students that…

• Identify themselves as citizens of a global community;
• Are creative and instilled with comprehensive professional knowledge in the social
• Are capable of problem solving in the field;
• Contribute actively to human society as individuals.