Undergraduate ProgramSpecific Content
General Education ProcessThe Four-by-Four Certificate ProgramA program that combines the four core capacities and four core categories.
3.5+1.5 Undergraduate / Master’s
Joint Degree
Combined undergraduate and graduate programs.
Global Capacity Strengthening ProgramsShort Term Overseas Educational
Opportunities for short term education opportunities at prestigious educational institutions (e.g. Stanford University, the University of Pennsylvania, SAIS, Osaka University, and Fudan University)
Long Term Exchange Students;
Dual Undergraduate Degrees
Opportunities for Long Term Exchange Students and Dual Degrees (e.g. UC Berkeley, UC Davis, Maastricht University, Osnabrück University, and the University of Manchester)
Career Development/
Employment Programs
InternshipsThe United Nations, various international organizations, non-governmental organizations and firms, for example
Job Seeking ProgramsProvision of job-related information, seminars by professionals from various job sectors, mentorship programs between graduates and current students, and manuals for job seeking
Support for Student Employment
Support for student activities related to employment
Activity ProgramsAction and Social Service, Student Activities, Global Social Community Service (GSC), Domestic and International Action ProgramsSupport for domestic and international student based club activities, the GSC, and increased participation in domestic and international social contribution programs
International Organizations, NGOs, Firms, Corporate Social Responsibility Social Service ProgramOrganizations such as the UN, various international organizations, NGOs, firms, Corporate Social Responsibility Social Service Program participation opportunities