The curriculum of KIC is conducted entirely in English and is truly interdisciplinary encompassing the core disciplines of international relations, international economics, global business and East Asian studies.

Concentration Track

Students may optionally choose to pursue one of four concentration tracks: international relations, international economics, global business and East Asian studies. By pursuing a concentration track, students may graduate with a deeper understanding of a specific discipline in international studies. In order to obtain a concentration, students must acquire more than 18 credits in one of these core disciplines.

Combined Bachelor Master’s Degree Program

Students may also choose to pursue a joint bachelor/master’s degree from KIC and the Graduate School of Pan-Pacific International Studies at Kyung Hee University (GSP). This program can be finished within five (5) years with roughly seven (7) semesters contributing to the bachelor’s degree and three (3) semesters to the master’s degree.

Honor’s Program

An Honors Program Certificate will be issued to students who achieve excellent grade and contribute to the honor and reputation of KIC. Applicable candidates must take more than three honors classes at KIC.

Four-by-Four Certification Program

The Four-by-Four Certificate Program was designed as part of the Creative Korea (CK) Program, established and supported by the Korean Ministry of Education as of 2014, so as to assist KIC in fostering globally talented individuals. Students who enroll in the program and who complete the four (4) core capacity courses the honors category are eligible to receive the Four-by-Four certificate upon graduation

For more information, please visit our 4×4 Certificate page.

Undergraduate Courses

KIC provides a wide variety of courses. Courses can be divided into three main categories: core courses, required courses and elective courses. Regardless of different bachelor degree paths, students must mandatorily enroll in the common and required courses. The number of elective courses a student must enroll in depends on concentration track and single or multiple degree considerations.

Core Courses

• Introduction to Political Science
• Introduction to International Relations
• Introduction to Economics I
• Introduction to Economics II

Required Courses

• Comparative Area Studies
• International Business
• International Finance
• International Political Economy
• International Security
• International Trade

Elective Courses

The College of International Studies provides a total of 72 electives (listed by track) within the four core concentrations of International Relations, International Economy, Global Business and East Asian Studies.

International Relations

• African Politics and Economy
• Contemporary Theories of International Relations
• Culture and International Relations
• European Politics and Economy
• Global Finance and International Politics
• History of International Relations
• International Conflict and Resolution
• International Economic Laws and Institutions
• International Law and Politics of Human Rights
• International Negotiation
• International Organizations
• International Terrorism
• Law & Global Governance
• Major Issues in Global Affairs
• NGOs and Global Governance
• Science, Technology and Society
• Topics in International Relations I (H)
• Understanding Foreign Policy
• Understanding International Law
• War and Peace

East Asian Studies

• American Foreign Policy
• American Politics and Economy
• Chinese Foreign Policy
• Chinese Politics and Economy
• Comparative Political Economy
• East Asian Economic Development
• East Asian International Relations
• Human Rights in East Asia
• Japanese Politics and Economy
• Korean Economy
• Korean Foreign Policy
• Korean Politics
• Modern History of East Asia
• North Korea and Inter-Korean Relations
• Russian Politics and Economy
• State and Society in East Asia
• Topics in East Asian Studies I (H)
• Understanding East Asian Culture
• Understanding Southeast Asia

International Economy

• Econometrics
• Economic Development
• Industrial Organization
• International Monetary Economics
• Macroeconomics
• Mathematics for Economics and Business
• Microeconomics
• Statistics for Social Science
• Theories of Economic Growth
• Topics in International Economy
• Topics in Macroeconomics (H)
• Topics in Microeconomics (H)

Common Electives

• Action Learning Project for International Studies
• Independent Study for International Studies
• Introduction to Social Science Research
• Problem Solving Course Ⅰ
• Problem Solving Course Ⅱ
• Special Topics in International Studies

*Courses labeled with an “H” are honors courses

Global Business

• Advertising
• Business Finance
• Consumer Behavior
• Entrepreneurship
• Global Business Strategy
• Global Marketing
• Human Resource Management and Development
• International Accounting
• International Financial Strategy
• Investment Analysis
• Korean Business Management
• Multinational Financial Management
• Organizational Behavior
• Principles of Accounting
• Principles of Marketing
• Topics in Global Business I (H)
• Venture Capital and the Finance of Innovation


Graduate Studies

The Graduate Programs of the College of International Studies

The newly launched KIC graduate programs are an extension of the undergraduate programs in KIC. The KIC graduate programs are accredited degree programs offering MA. and Ph.D. degrees in the field of international studies. Compared to the GSP programs, KIC graduate programs are more academically oriented, underscoring research and thesis writings. Same KIC and GSP faculty members provide graduate-level, inter- and trans-disciplinary all-English courses. Students will also be able to have opportunities to conduct collaborative research projects with them, as well as with a number of international prominent scholars invited by the Kyung Hee University every year. For more information, download the graduate program brochure. Download : Graduate Studies Brochure.pdf

Graduate School of Pan-Pacific International Studies

KIC offers a joint Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program together with the Graduate School of Pan-Pacific International Studies, or GSP. The joint program permits students to earn both degrees in 5 years. Our graduates find the variety of courses, internships and extra-curricular programs of KIC immensely rewarding in their careers. For more information, visit