The Graduate Programs of the College of International Studies

The newly launched KIC graduate programs are an extension of the undergraduate programs in KIC. The KIC graduate programs are accredited degree programs offering MA. and Ph.D. degrees in the field of international studies. Compared to the GSP programs, KIC graduate programs are more academically oriented, underscoring research and thesis writings. Same KIC and GSP faculty members provide graduate-level, inter- and trans-disciplinary all-English courses. Students will also be able to have opportunities to conduct collaborative research projects with them, as well as with a number of international prominent scholars invited by the Kyung Hee University every year. For more information, download the graduate program brochure. Download : Graduate Studies Brochure.pdf

Combined Bachelor Master’s Degree Program

KIC offers a joint Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program together with the Graduate School of Pan-Pacific International Studies, or GSP. The joint program permits students to earn both degrees in 5 years. This program can be finished within five (5) years with roughly seven (7) semesters contributing to the bachelor's degree and three (3) semestors to the master's degree. Our graduates find the variety of courses, internships and extra-curricular programs of KIC immensely rewarding in their careers. For more information, visit

1) Registered as a student of international studies with more than five (5) semesters.
2) Student must complete a total of 81 credits or more and a total GPA of 3.0/4.3 or higher

Graduating with Honors

It is granted to graduates who have excellent academic performance and contribute to the honor and reputation of the department. For winner's privilege, certificate of graduation certificate of Dean will be given to every graduates and for Summa Cum Laude, graduates will have a statement (permanent) on the entrance of the building

Summa Cum Laude
- Cumulative GPA of 4.1 or higher
- Completion of 3 or more Honors Classes
- Submit Honors Thesis
* Honors Thesis : Students have to write a thesis in the first semester of the 4th grade (7 semesters) under a guidance of a KIC professor.

Magna Cum Laude
- Cumulative GPA of 3.9 or higher

Cum Laude
- Cumulative GPA of 3.7 or higher