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Research Interests

  • International Politics, Conflict Studies, East Timor, Indonesia
  • MA, Indonesian Studies, Graduate School, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (Linguistics Course)
  • BA,  Indonesian Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (International Relations Course)
Professional Experience
  • October 2007-present Professor, Osaka School of International Public Policy
    (OSIPP), Osaka University

  • January 2004-September 2007 Professor at Osaka University of Foreign Studies

  • January 1991-December 2003 Associate Professor at OUFS.

  • January 1986-December 1990 Lecturer at OUFS.

  • April 1983-December 1985 Assistant Professor, Department of Indonesian Studies,

  • April 1982-March 1983 Guest Researcher, Comparative Linguistics Section,
    National Language Research Institute, Ministry of
    Education and Culture.

Work Experience

  • 2007-2008 JICA short-term expert on vulnerable people to the Ministry of Social Solidarity of the Government of Timor-Leste
  • May 2004-May 2005 Member of the draft writing team of the final report of CAVR
  • April 2003–April 2004 Senior Historical Research Advisor (UNDP) to the Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation of Timor-Leste (CAVR)
  • June-September 1999 District Electoral Officer (UN Volunteer), United Nations Mission in East Timor (UNAMET)
 Recent Major Publications

  • 2015. Chapter 4: Analysis and resolution of contemporary conflict, in Hoshino, Toshiya, et al. eds. Globalism and Responsibility of International Public Policy, Osaka University Press. (In Japanese)
  • 2014. The civil society and NGOs in Indonesia and East Timor, in Shinya Hata. ed. The Civil Society and NGOs in Asia, Koyo Shobo. (In Japanese)
  • 2014. Construção da Democracia, diálogo político e capital social na transição de Timor-Leste para a independência, Revista Critica de Ciências Sociais 104, Coimbra University, pp. 83-100. (In Portuguese)
  • 2012. Transitional Justice in a Succession of Defeats: A Trajectory of Quest for Accountability in Indonesia and East Timor, 1998-2010. In The Peace Studies Association of Japan. ed. Peace Studies No. 38: Restoring Human Rights andTransitional Justice, pp. 77-95. (In Japanese)
  • 2012. Food Security and Conflict in Timor-Leste: conflict, colonization, globalization and the food problem. In Akihisa Matsuno and Satoshi Nakagawa. eds. Food Security and Conflict,  published by Global Collaboration Center, Osaka University, pp. 63-78. (In Japanese)
  • 2011. West-Papua and the changing nature of self-determination. In King, Peter, Jim
    Elmslie and Camellia Webb-Gannon. eds. Comprehending West Papua, Centre for
    Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Sydney, pp. 177-190.
  • 2010. Analysing Timor-Leste Electoral Politics from a Socio-Economic Perspective. In Michael Leach, et. al. eds. Understanding Timor-Leste (Online version), Swinburne University, No. 54, pp. 329-334.
  • 2010. East Timor: A Nation Building in the Age of Globalization. In Quarterly Ethnology, the National Museum of Ethnology, pp. 73-80. (In Japanese)
  • 2010. West Papua: The exercise of the right to self-determination in changing international relations. PRIME (journal of the Meiji Gakuin University’s International Peace Research Institute), No. 32, pp. 29-44. (In Japanese)
  • 2009. Stability and Democracy in Post-Conflict East Timor. In Wulf, Herbert. ed. Still Under Construction: Regional Organisations’ Capacity for Conflict Prevention, Institute for Development and Peace, Duisburg University (INEF Report 97/2009), pp. 40-54.
  • 2008. The UN Transitional Administration and Democracy Building in Timor Leste. In Mearns, David. ed. Democratic Governance in Timor-Leste: Reconciling the Local and the National, Charles Darwin University Press, pp. 52-70.
  • 2007. A Requiem for the Women Who Were Defeeated – Reading Ayu Utami’s Larung. In Ex Oriente (journal of the Osaka University of Foreign Studies’ Association of Language and Society Studies), vol. 14, pp. 61-80. (In Japanese)
  • 2007. Truth Seeking in Peacebuilding: the case of East Timor. In Hideaki Shiroyama, Yuji Ishida and Ken Endo. eds. The Roles and Challenges of International Criminal Law: Peacebuilding from the Field of Conflict, Toshindo, pp. 92-108. (In Japanese)
  • 2006. Immoral and Cruel Women – Anti-Gerwani Propaganda under the Indonesia’ New Order. In Osaka University of Foreign Studies Global Dialogue Studies. ed. Pain and Anger: Oral Histories of Women Who Survived Oppression, Akashi Shoten Publishers, pp. 97-116. (In Japanese)
  • 2003. Challenges in Post-Conflict East Timor. In International Affairs (journal of the Japan Institute for International Affairs), No. 521 (July 2003), pp. 55-71. (In Japanese)
  • 2002. A History of East Timor towards Independence. Waseda University Press. (In Japanese)
  • 2000. Indonesia: How People Gave Up the Administration in the midst of the Monetary Crisis. In Akio Nishiguchi and Park. eds. For Those Who Study Asian Economy atthe Time of  transformation, Sekaishisosha, pp. 131-153. (In Japanese)
Recent major conference papers

  • 2015. The human rights violations related with 1965 purge and post-Suharto transitional justice in Indonesia, Southeast Asian Studies Conference, December 2015, Kyoto International Conferene Center, Japan.
  •  2015. The crime of politicide: the question of intent in the systematic destruction of the Sukarno’s support base, Indonesia Council Open Conference, July 2015, Deakin University, Australia.
  • 2015. Xenophobic, racist and sexist expressions in Japan – ignorance, naivety and the question of intention, Symposium on Racism and Intolerance in Europe and Asia – Challenges and  olicies, June 2015, University of Groningen, the Netherlands.
  • 2014. The Indonesian Politicide, 1965-1966: What crime is this?, International Peace Research Association (IPRA), Hotel Hilton Bomonti Istanbul, November 2014.
  • 2014. Mass killings in Bali after the 30 September Movement: Analyzing its modus operandi,  onel on Indonesia’s 1965, at the Japan Association of Southeast Asian Studies, at Nanzan University, June 2014. (In Japanese)
  • 2013. Gene and Creed: Understanding Cold War Politicide in Asia, 7th Asian Political and International Relations Association (APISA) Annual Congress, Middle Eastern University, Ankara, Turkey, October 2013.
  • 2012. Prelude to Extermination: Bali, October-November 1965. Conference “Bali in Global Asia”, at Udayana University, Indonesia, July 2012.