Contact Information
• Office: Room 212, International Studies Building
• Phone: 031-201-2334
• E-mail:
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Areas of Expertise
Research Interests

• International Development Cooperation, Development Economics, International Finance

Courses Taught
• Development Economics, Economics of Development Cooperation, Understanding Korean Economy
• Ph.D. in Economics, Seoul National University, 1998
• M.A. in Economics, Seoul National University, 1991
• B.A. in Economics, Seoul National University, 1989
Professional Experience
• Jun. 2018 – present: Director, Institute of International Studies, Kyung Hee University
• Jan. 2018 – present: Committee Member, Presidential Committee on Policy Planning
• Aug. 2016 – 2018: Sub-committee of Evaluation, Committee for International Development Cooperation, Prime Minister Office
• 2008 – present: Editorial Board, East Asian Economic Review (former Journal of East Asian Economic Integration)
• 2015 – present: co-editor, International Economic Journal
• Nov. 2002 – Feb. 2013: Senior Research Fellow, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy
• Nov. 2011 – Feb. 2013: Advisory Member, National Economic Advisory Council
• Oct. 2011 – Feb. 2013: Sub-committee member, National Statistics Committee
• Oct. 2011 – present: Consultant, Asian Development Bank
• May. 2010 – Feb. 2013: Editor, Asian Economic Papers
• Oct. 2009 – Apr. 2010: Visiting Scholar, SAIS, Johns Hopkins University
• Feb. 2008 – Mar. 2008: Visiting Researcher, International Center for the Study of East Asian Development (ICSEAD), Japan
• Nov. 2000 – Oct. 2002: Research Fellow, Presidential Committee on Policy and Planning
• Feb. 2000 – Oct. 2000: Visiting Scholar, U.C. Berkeley
• Mar. 1997 – Feb. 2000: Research Fellow, Seoul Institute of Economic and Social Studies
• Mar. 1994 – Feb. 1997: Research Assistant, Economic Research Institute, Seoul National University
Selected Publications

• The World Economy after the Global Crisis: A New Economic Order for the 21st Century, 2012, World Scientific. (co-edited)


• 『황금족쇄』, 미지북스, 2016 (B. Eichengreen(1992), Golden Fetters).
• 『글로벌 불균형: 세계경제위기와 브레튼우즈의 교훈』, 미지북스, 2008 (B. Eichengreen(2007), Global Imbalances and the Lessons from Bretton Woods).

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