Contact Information
• Office: Room 406, International Studies Building
• Phone: 031-201-2360
• E-mail:
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Areas of Expertise
Research Interests

• Behavioral Finance, Investment, Fund Industry, Investor Education

Courses Taught
• Corporate Finance, Security Analysis and Investment, International Finance, Statistical Analysis
• Ph.D. in Finance, State University of New York at Buffalo, 2000
• M.A. in International Economics, Seoul National University, 1989
• B.A. in International Economics, Seoul National University, 1986
Professional Experience
• April 2005 – present: Professor, Graduate School of Pan-Pacific International Studies, Kyung Hee University
Selected Publications
Articles in Academic Journals

• Keunsoo Kim and Jinho Byun, 2011, “Studies on Korean Capital Markets from the Perspective of Behavioral Finance,” Asian Review of Financial Research, vol.24, no.3, 953-1020.

• Keunsoo Kim and Jinho Byun, 2010, “Effect of Investor Sentiment on Market Response to Stock Split Announcement,” Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies (SSCI), vol.39 no.6, 687-719.

• Byun, Jinho, and Keunsoo Kim,2010, “Investor Sentiment and Market Timing of Stock Repurchase,” Korean Journal of Business Administration, vol.29, no.4, 2271-2288.

• Ko, Kwangsoo, Keunsoo Kim,and Sunghoon Cho, 2007, “Performance of Institutional and Foreign Investors in the Japanese and Korean Stock market,” The Journal of Japanese and International Economics (SSCI), vol.21, no.2, 195-213.

• Kim, Keunsoo, and Jinho Byun, 2007, “Analysis on Determinants of Exercising Dissenter’s Rights,” Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies (SSCI), vol.36, no.3, 463-494.

• Byun, Jinho, and Keunsoo Kim, 2005, “Information Contents in Securities Companies’ Daily Recommendation,” Korean Journal of Financial Studies, vol.34, no.4, 29-67.

• Ko, Kwangsoo, Keunsoo Kim, and Jaechi lKim, 2005, “Population Aging and Korean Capital Markets: On House hold Stock Holdings and Three Pillars of Social Security System,” Journal of Money and Finance, vol.19, 61-128.

• Ko, Kwangsoo, and Keunsoo Kim, 2004, “Portfolio Performance and Characteristics of Each Investor Type: Individuals, Institutions, and Foreigners,” Korean Journal of Financial Studies, vol.33, no.4, 35-62.

Books and Chapters

• Yoon, Kyeseob, Keunsoo Kim, and Jinho Byun, “Pilot Test for Finance and Investment Capability Index (FICI),” Korea Council for Investor Education, 2010.

• Ko, Kwangsoo, and Keunsoo Kim, “Comparative Analysis on Korean, Japanese and Chinese Institutional Investors,” Korea Securities Research Institute, 2005.

• Ko, Kwangsoo, Keunsoo Kim, and Changwook Park, “Research on Investment Policy of Public Pension Plans,” Korea Securities Research Institute, 2004.

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