Oh, Hyungna

 Oh, Hyungna
Areas of Expertise
Research Interests
• Environmental Economics (Climate Change, Governance, ETS, Green Taxes), Applied Microeconomics (Applied Game), Quantitative Methods (Micro-econometrics, Agent-based Economics)

Courses Taught
• Kyung Hee University: Introduction to Economics 1,  Econometrics,  Topics in Microeconomics (Game theory), Mathematics for Social Scientists
• West Virginia University: Microeconomics, Game Theory, Econometrics II
Contact Information
• Office: Room 309, International Studies Building
• Phone: 031-201-2160
• E-mail: h.oh@khu.ac.kr
• Curriculum Vitae: http://kic.khu.ac.kr/home/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/cv_2015E.pdf
• Homepage: 
• Ph.D. in Regional Economics, Cornell University, 2003
Doctoral thesis: Simulation Methods for Modeling Offer Behavior and Spot Prices in
Restructured Markets for Electricity
• M.A. in Economics, Korea University, 1991
• B.A. in Economics, Korea University, 1988
Professional Experience
• 2013 – present: Associate Professor, College of International Studies, Kyung Hee University, Korea
• 2013 & 2015– present: Adjunct Fellow, Korea Development Institute, Korea
• 2010 – 2013 – Fellow, Korea Development Institute, Korea
• 2012 – 2013, Editor Board, Kyung-Jae-Hak Yeon-Gu
• 2012-present, Editor Board & Board of Directors, Resource and Environmental Economics Studies
• 2004 – 2010 – Assistant Professor, Dept. of Economics, West Virginia University, WV, USA
• 2007 – 2011 – Assistant Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Applied
Economics and Management, Cornell University, NY, USA
Selected Publications
• “Korea’s Approach to Overcoming Difficulties in Adopting the Emission Trading Scheme” (with Hyon, J. and Kim, J.), forthcoming, Climate Policy

• “Modeling Allowance Prices in the EU ETS (in Korean)” (with Hong, Islee and Hong, Jong Ho),  forthcoming, Kyungna Jae Hak Yeon Gu, September, 2016 

• “Does Media Coverage of a Celebrity Suicide Trigger Copycat Suicides?: Evidence from Korean Cases (with Choi, Yoon-Jung), Journal of Media Economics 29(2), 2016, pp.92-105

• “
Measuring the Weather Risk in Manufacturing and Service Sectors in Korea (in Korean)”, Environmental and Resource Economics Review 24(3), 2015, pp. 551-572.

• “
The Effects of the Allocation and Accounting Methods of GHG Allowances on Firms’ Financial Positions as well as Social Welfare(in Korean)” (with Hong, Inkee), Environmental and Resource Economics Review 24(3), 2015, pp. 499-522.

• “Citizens’ Distrust in Government and Project Implementation in the Public Sector” (with Hong, Jong Ho), Korean Economic Review 30(1), 2014, pp. 25-40.

•  “Citizens’ Trust in Government and Their Willingness-To-Pay.” (with Hong, Jong Ho), Economics Letters 115 (3), 2012, pp.345-347.

• “Testing for Aggregation Bias in Stochastic Frontier Models Employing Regional Data”, Applied Economics Letters 19, 2012, pp.813-821.

• “Detecting Protest Responses”, KDI Journal of Economic Policy 34, 2012.

• “The Influence of Socioeconomic and Environmental Factors on Rural Health Obesity” (with Amarasinghe, A., D’Souza, G., and Brown, C.), International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2009.

• “Economic Value of Improving Indoor Air Quality of Subway Stations in Seoul Metropolitan Area”(with Hong, Jong Ho), Journal of Korean Economic Studies 17, 2006.

• “On the First Price Spike in Summer” (with Mount, T.D.), IEEE Computer Society, 2004.

• “Using Software Agents to Supplement Tests Conducted by Human Subjects” (with Mount, T.D.), Computational Methods in Economic Dynamics (Herbert Dawid and Willi Semmler eds.), 2011, Springer Publishers: New York, N.Y.

• A Study on a Green Tax System (with H.W. Yoo and J.H. Nam/written in Korean), Korea Development Institute, 2013.

• A Study on Energy Demand of the Korean Manufacturing Sector (written in Korean), Korea Development Institute, 2012.

• “Environmental Taxing Game”, Ecological Industrial Policies, Korea Development Institute, 2012.

• A Study on the Treatment of Protest Zero Bids in Dichotomous Contingent Valuation Models (with Kim, K.S./ written in Korean), KDI Policy Studies 2011-9, Korea Development Institute, 2012.

• The Durban Platform, A Limited Possibility of Global Action on Climate Change (written in Korean), KDI FOCUS, 2012.

Working Papers under Review

“Intra-generational Income Mobility in Korea” (with Choi, Yoon-Jung), revision requested

“Testing the Effects of Holding Forward Contracts on the Behavior of Suppliers in an Electricity Auction” (with Mount, Timothy D.), revision requested.

“Do Global Climate Actions Cut Global Emissions? “, revision requested http://kic.khu.ac.kr/home/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/GlobalActionGlobalWarming_OH_201507.pdf

“A Model of Price-Response Retail Electricity Consumers” (with Chu, Heo-Yeon), under review