Contact Information
• Office: Room 402, International Studies Building
• Phone: 031-201-2367
• E-mail: hkpark@khu.ac.kr
• Curriculum Vitae: Download
Areas of Expertise
Research Interests

• International Security, Foreign Policy, East Asian Relations, Nuclear Nonproliferation

Courses Taught
• International Security, Understanding Foreign Policy, East Asian International Relations, Japan Foreign Relations
• Ph.D. in Political Science, Columbia University, 1997
• M.A. in Political Science, Columbia University, 1987
• B.A. in Political Science & Diplomacy, Yonsei University, 1985
Professional Experience
• May 2013-Dec. 2017: Dean, the Graduate School of Pan-Pacific International Studies,Kyung Hee Univ.
• May 2013-Dec. 2017: Dean, the College of International Studies, Kyung Hee Univ.
• July. 2011 – present: Secretary-General, Kyung Hee Global Service Corps(GSC)
• Jan. – Dec. 2011: Vice President, Korean Political Science Association
• Jan. – Dec. 2010: General Manager, Korean Political Science Association
• Jan. – Dec. 2007: Research Fellow, East Asian Security Program, Duke Univ.
• Jun. 2005 – Dec. 2006: Dean, School of International Studies, Kyung Hee Univ.
• Nov. 2003 – Dec. 2005: Dean, Central Library, Global Campus, Kyung Hee Univ.
• Mar. 1990 – Jul. 1993: Full-time Instructor, Dept. of National Defense, ROK Air Force Academy
Selected Publications
• “Beyond International Organization: Human Security, Poverty, Global Governance,” (forthcoming).

• “Building a Northeast Asian Community: Constructivst Approach, in KIHS ed. Northeast Asian Globalization and the East Asian Community (Hanta, Seoul 2010).

• “Constructing “Positive Identity: A Challenge for Multilateral Security Cooperation in Northeast Asia,” <아태연구> 11권 1호(2004년 12월), pp. 27-48.

• “Japan’s Nuclear Option: Its Possibility and Limitations,” Pacific Focus Vol. XVII, No. 2 (Fall 2002), pp. 145-175.

• “Readjusting the National Interest: Four Power Relations and Korea’s Strategic Choices after the Summit,” East Asian Review Vol. 14, No. 2 (Summer 2002), pp. 17-38.

• with Jong-yun Bae, “Bureaucratic Politics and Foreign Policymaking in South Korea,” Journal of Social Sciences, Vol. 19 (December 2001), pp.
• “Readjusting the National Interest: Power Game among the Four Powers and Korea’s Strategic Choices after the Inter-Korean Summit Meeting,” in Jong-Chun Baek and Young Jae Kim eds., Peace and Stability on the Korean Peninsula (KAIS, 2001), pp. 99-124.

• Dong-Sung Kim, Ki-Jung Kim, and Hahnkyu Park, eds., Fifty Years after the Korean War: From Cold-War Confrontation to Peaceful Coexistence (Seoul: KAIS, 2000).

• with Myungsoon Shin, “Korea and Asia Pacific Regionalism in the Post-Cold War Context,” in O. Yul Kwon and William Shepherd, eds., Korea’s Economic Prospects: From Financial Crisis to Prosperity (UK: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd., 2001), pp. 23-36.

• “Comprehensive Security and Regional Nuclear Co-operation in East Asia: The Case of South Korea,” in Kurt W. Radtke and Raymond Feddema, eds., Comprehensive Security in Asia: Views from Asia and the West on a Changing Security Environment (Leiden, Boston, Koln: Brill, 2000), pp. 307-324.

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• “Between Caution and Cooperation: The ROK-Japan Security Relationship in the Post-Cold War Period,” The Korean Journal of Defense Analysis Vol. X No. 1 (Summer 1998), pp. 95-120.

• “The Post-Cold War Era and Nuclear Nonproliferation Issues in East Asia,” Pacific Focus Vol. XIII, No. 1 (Spring 1998), pp. 33-54.

• “International Nuclear Nonproliferation Pressure and Japan’s Domestic Response: A Comparison of Plutonium Utilization Policies in the 1970s and the 1990s” (Ph.D. Dissertation, Columbia University, May 1997).