The KICMUN secretariat is an independent, non-profit Model United Nations (MUN) student organization founded in 2008. It is the central organization responsible for hosting Korea’s most prominent MUNs and MUN-related workshops. Although formally established in 2008, KIC has had a tradition of involvement in hosting and participating in MUNs since 1994. Since 2008, the KICMUN secretariat has organized more than 24 conferences, programs and camps.
The KICMUN Secretariat’s central conferences include the Kyung Hee International Model United Nations (KICMUN) (since 1994), the KICMUN Workshop for middle and high school students, the World Federation of the United Nations Association (WFUNA) Youth Camp hosted by the UN Association (UNA), the G20 KHU Summit which began as a commemoration of the G20 Seoul Summit in 2010, and last but not least, Global Classrooms: Seoul (GC Seoul). GC Seoul is one of the largest middle school/high school MUNs occurring annually with hundreds of participants. GC is conducted worldwide in 24 of the world’s major cities in partnership with the United Nations Association of the United States of America (UNA-USA) and Kyung Hee University. The KICMUN Secretariat is considered the founding secretariat of MUNs in Korea and has since established the foundation for MUN secretariats nationwide. The KICMUN Secretariat believes that MUNs are the perfect opportunity for in-depth education regarding the United Nations. More information regarding the KICMUN Secretariat can be accessed at:

MonVarious art, music and physical activities for elders suffering from Alzheimer’s or
stroke at Yeongtong social welfare center
FriMentoring for the children of multicultural families /
Math and English tutoring at a Local Community Child Center /
Physical activities with mentally or physically disabled teenage students at Yeongtong Bowling center /
English tutoring for the children of lower-income bracket families at Yongin Dreamstart center
SatWorld Citizen Education for middle school students to cultivate an “international competitiveness” /
Free meal services for elders at Hyowon park /
Wall painting activities to liven up the atmosphere in Kyung Hee University’s neighbors
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