2015 Entrance Ceremony, Freshmen March2015. 02. 27 at Seoul CampusCongratulation for starting your education at Colleage of International Studies, Kyung Hee University
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  This year's National Model United Nations Korea celebrated the twentieth meeting which was held at Wonju Campus of Yonsei University from 2nd to 5th of July, 2014. The conference was the largest in the number of participants, totalling up to 500 participants with more than 40 Secretariat members and 30 distinguished guests visiting. The meeting stated with the distinguished guests from German, French, Austrailian, Japanese and Russian Embassy to South Korea. The guests shared their prospects and the opinions of the reunification on Korean peninsula. As many had hopeful prospects, there were some sensitive issues such as the social preparation, acceptance and understanding were discussed as well. Some of the participants had chances to ask questions related to economic consequences, the impacts on regimes to the guests. Such round table discussion was never held before at NMUN. However, successfully held and cheered by the participants and also contributed a lot in generating ideas during the following meeting. The Plenary Session of General Assembly was held to declare the opening of the 20th NMUN with speeches from Secretary General of Wonju Secretariat as well as the President of General Assembly. There were four committees at this year's NMUN: First Committee discussing the issue of United Nations Sanction system to address the issue of weapons of mass destruction. Second Committee talked on the issue of mass atrocities. Third Committee was on the discussion of selecting 10 post-2015 International Development Goals. Finally Fourth Committee discussed on the methods to reform the United Nations Security Council. With 5 sessions individually held at each four committees, delegations came to a reaching the consensus on negotiations later which were all brought to the last Plenary Session of General Assembly with all participants. From Kyung Hee University, Mr. Park Hee Soo and Lee Min Kyu form First Committee were awarded the Grand Award from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trad. Mr. Seo Hyo Sang and Pard Do Hyun were awarded with Second Prize from Second Committee.
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Picture taken in 2014 Commencement Ceremony, held in February 12th, 2015
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The winners of English essay writing contest hosted by KIEP participated in the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC) 21st General Meeting in Vancouver, Canada, as part of their contest reward. The students were part of Youth Delegation, representing Korea, for PECC's 21st General Meeting, which was held from June 2 to June 5, 2013. Students were expected to choose a policy theme(among five, which are Regional Trade and Trade Agreements, Asia’s Capital Markets, Innovation in the Asia Pacific, Inclusive Growth, Green Growth in the Asia Pacific) to evaluate in groups throughout the General Meeting. These groups were called ‘Network Groups.’ Each Network Group reported its preliminary findings to the final PECC Standing Committee meeting on June 5 and will have to produce a policy research report for the following year. Policy research reports will be considered for publication on the PECC website. The Youth Delegation participated in Student Program hosted by PECC, where the students engaged in activities arranged by the organization, and interact with local students in Canada.  
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Forum and sponsored by Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It consists of a s team of two based on proposal paper on the topic 'Suggest a way to realize the Asian Union in three ways, economically, culturally and in other ways, and then suggest a model of the Asian Union'. Each league is composed of 16 teams, each team will go through a preliminary round and the 8 teams which will be selected by combined score of proposal and presentation will advance to the final. Preliminary round is held with presentation for 10 minutes based on proposal paper at Incheon University. Final Round was held in Grand Hyatt Hotel and participants attended Asia Economic Community Forum lectures and sessions. With lectures they attended they were to merge the information learned with their previous presentation for 15 minutes.
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The 14th Asian International Model United Nations hosted by Peking University was held from March 20 ~ 23 in Beijing. Delegates from about 119 different institutions around China and overseas participated in this conference. Ten KIC Students participated in each of the committees as delegates of Argentina and Central African Republic. At the end of the 4-day conference, Sunbin Yoo, and Daniel Lee were awarded the Best Delegate award of the Futuristic Security Council and A Rum Cho and Hyun Shin Jun were awarded Outstanding Delegate Award from Security Council, congratulated by the Secretary General of AIMUN 2014.  
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