1977-Foundation of Research Institute of Social science
-Published 「International and Business Studies」
2003-Integration of Research Institute under the (International Institute of Management, Venture Business Research Center)
2005-Hold a “cluster and international logistics seminar”
2007-Hold an International conference “Glottalization and East Asia: Implications for International Studies Education”
-Hosting Kyung-Hee University and Industrial-Academic Cooperation joint academic symposium
2008-Make a business agreement with the Gunpo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
2011-Hold an International conference “Frontiers in International Relations Research”
2012-Changed name from Research Institute of Social Science to Institute of International Studies
-Newly open Kyung-Hee ODA Center(KODAC), Sustainable management Center under the IIS
-Strat Research and Service, Development Consulting business contracts
2013-Newly open Finance-History-Politics Center under the IIS
-Hold an International Conference “The Use of Theory of Change in the Development Cooperation”
-Renew the Academic Journal from「International business studies」 to「Asian Journal of International Studies」(Vol. 18)
2014-Hold an International Conference “Outcome Evaluation of International Cooperation in Health” and “The 2014 KIC-IIS International Conference : New Horizon of International Trade and Development Cooperation”
-Published「Asian Journal of International Studies」(Vol. 19)
2015-Hold an International conference “The 2015 KIC-IIS International Conference : Emerging Trends in Global Economy, Business and International Relations”
-Published「Asian Journal of International Studies」 (Vol. 20)
-2015 Korea-China-Japan’s international development and Global CSR
2016-Open International Trade Center, International Finance Center, International Political Economics Center
-Changed the priority target for characterization of IIS from ODA studies(2012-2015) to Global Value Chain studies
2018- Hold an International conference on Opportunities and Challenges to Regional Cooperation in Northeast Asia
- Published 「Understanding Inter-Korean Relations」