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Institute of International Studies (IIS)

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The Institute of International Studies (IIS) has been established with the aim of studying various issues relevant to the Korean Peninsula, East Asia and the world order. We seek knowledge pertinent to spread of universal norms, equitable allocation of resources, and building of peaceful and harmonious world.

We seek to do research on collaboration between invisible and visible hands, advance from negative peace to positive peace, spreading the benefits of science and technology to more people, and proliferating norms and values with universal appeals such as liberty, equality, and human rights.

Due to its geographical location, the IIS is naturally geared toward studying the issues of cooperation, prosperity, and peace of the Korean Peninsula and East Asia. We will strive to create a knowledge-based community network of East Asian scholars to promote East Asian integration and cooperation, and peace and prosperity.

The IIS’s main enterprises include Wednesday Seminars, Domestic and International Conferences, and Asian Journal of International Studies (AJIS) publication. When necessary, we will try to expand the category of our endeavors. The IIS would like to make contribution in better understanding global transformative trends of the twenty-first century and in building new human-centered world order. We promise to help our researchers’ activities in education and research.


Institute of International Studies
Seongji Woo