Extra-Curricular Activities

KIC is widely known for its diverse extracurricular student activities. Such activities range from those oriented to academic development to networking and sports.

Independent Student Organizations

KIC Student Council

The KIC Student Council serves the ultimate goal of assisting students in maximizing their educational adventure while at KIC. The KIC Student Council administrates and coordinates all student affairs including studies, student-faculty/student-administration staff relations and club activities. In order to further these aims, the KIC Student Council promotes and assists students in forming new programs that can enhance the KIC experience for students. In addition, the KIC Student Council has always been instrumental to the maintenance of friendly, family-like relationships between students, the KIC administration office, and professors. KIC has a history of comfortable, free and friendly relations between students, administrators and professors. It completely normal for students to meet together with administrative officers and/or professors for a cup of coffee to share opinions on education and all matters pertaining to KIC in general. All students are invited to come over anytime to our office!
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KIC the Globe

KIC the Globe (KTG) is an independent academic student press organization founded in 2008. KIC publishes student academic journals, regular newsletters, and also hosts writing sessions, and sponsors the KIC Academia, a student academic paper contest. The central activity, that of publishing the KIC newsletter three times a semester, is an effort to promote communication and information sharing amongst professors, alumni and current students. Writing sessions are held regularly every week in order to enhance the writing skills of members. For KIC Academia, seminars on academic paper writing are regularly held by professors. Students freely write and present their papers during the contest. The ultimate goal of KTG is to academically inspire students.
The English Magazine of Kyung Hee International College
Fall, 2016, Vol.14 / Summer, 2017, Vol.15
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KICMUN Secretariat

The KICMUN secretariat is an independent, non-profit Model United Nations (MUN) student organization founded in 2008. It is the central organization responsible for hosting Korea’s most prominent MUNs and MUN-related workshops. Although formally established in 2008, KIC has had a tradition of involvement in hosting and participating in MUNs since 1994. Since 2008, the KICMUN secretariat has organized more than 24 conferences, programs and camps.

The KICMUN Secretariat’s central conferences include the Kyung Hee International Model United Nations (KICMUN) (since 1994), the KICMUN Workshop for middle and high school students, the World Federation of the United Nations Association (WFUNA) Youth Camp hosted by the UN Association (UNA), the G20 KHU Summit which began as a commemoration of the G20 Seoul Summit in 2010, and last but not least, Global Classrooms: Seoul (GC Seoul). GC Seoul is one of the largest middle school/high school MUNs occurring annually with hundreds of participants. GC is conducted worldwide in 24 of the world’s major cities in partnership with the United Nations Association of the United States of America (UNA-USA) and Kyung Hee University. The KICMUN Secretariat is considered the founding secretariat of MUNs in Korea and has since established the foundation for MUN secretariats nationwide. The KICMUN Secretariat believes that MUNs are the perfect opportunity for in-depth education regarding the United Nations. More information regarding the KICMUN Secretariat can be accessed at:
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Volunteer KIC

Volunteer KIC (VOLKIC) is an independent student organization where member students plan and conduct various volunteer activities for the purpose of social responsibility both domestically and internationally. Since its establishment in 2011 at KIC, VOLKIC hosts various volunteer activities such as World Citizen Education which provides individual mentoring programs, and the Happy Wall Project which involves the improvement of environments nationwide through the painting of rather dreary walls. In addition, VOLKIC has been participating in global volunteer activities in Laos in collaboration with the National University of Laos.
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Student Clubs/b>

There are a wide variety of student clubs at KIC in which students can make friends or engage in leisure activities. A large number of clubs called chinmok clubs are dedicated to contributing to building friendly student communities within KIC while also conducting supplemental academic activities.


드링커스 (Drinkers)

Baseball club


Football club

르네상스 (Renaissance)

Rugby club

리바운드 (Rebound)

Basketball club

Music & Performance


Rock band club


Korean traditional music club


GATE (Global Affairs Through English)

English debate club about global issues

혜암 (Hyeam)

Social philosophy club

KDS (Kyung Hee Debate Society)

English parliamentary debate club

알음나무 (Knowledge Tree)

Metaphysics and literature club

사람세상 (People World)

Debate club about social issues