KIC Student Council


The KIC Student Council serves the ultimate goal of assisting students in maximizing their educational adventure while at KIC. The KIC Student Council administrates and coordinates all student affairs including studies, student-faculty/student-administration staff relations and club activities. In order to further these aims, the KIC Student Council promotes and assists students in forming new programs that can enhance the KIC experience for students. In addition, the KIC Student Council has always been instrumental to the maintenance of friendly, family-like relationships between students, the KIC administration office, and professors. KIC has a history of comfortable, free and friendly relations between students, administrators and professors. It completely normal for students to meet together with administrative officers and/or professors for a cup of coffee to share opinions on education and all matters pertaining to KIC in general. All students are invited to come over anytime to our office!


Jan Freshmen pre-gathering
Feb Freshmen orientation
Mar Semester opening /
Major leather jacket
Apr Mid-term snacks
May Leadership Training /
Jun Final snacks
Sep Semester opening /
DIS United MT
Oct Leadership Training /
Kyung Hee Sports tournament /
Mid-term snacks
Nov Student council election
Dec KICian’s Night /
Final snacks


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