Volunteer KIC

Volunteer KIC (VOLKIC) is an independent student organization where member students plan and conduct various volunteer activities for the purpose of social responsibility both domestically and internationally. Since its establishment in 2011 at KIC, VOLKIC hosts various volunteer activities such as World Citizen Education which provides individual mentoring programs, and the Happy Wall Project which involves the improvement of environments nationwide through the painting of rather dreary walls. In addition, VOLKIC has been participating in global volunteer activities in Laos in collaboration with the National University of Laos.

MonVarious art, music and physical activities for elders suffering from Alzheimer’s or
stroke at Yeongtong social welfare center
FriMentoring for the children of multicultural families /
Math and English tutoring at a Local Community Child Center /
Physical activities with mentally or physically disabled teenage students at Yeongtong Bowling center /
English tutoring for the children of lower-income bracket families at Yongin Dreamstart center
SatWorld Citizen Education for middle school students to cultivate an “international competitiveness” /
Free meal services for elders at Hyowon park /
Wall painting activities to liven up the atmosphere in Kyung Hee University’s neighbors

Facebook : http://facebook.com/VolunteerKIC